The Rapture

In Mark Hitchcock’s book, The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy, he writes concerning the Rapture (pp. 220-221):

“Our word rapture comes from the Greek word harpazo in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, which is translated “caught up.” It means to seize, snatch, or even to seize forcibly. The Greek word harpazo is found 13 times in the New Testament. This Greek word was translated to the Latin word rapio by Jerome in the Latin Vulgate, and that’s where the word rapture originates.”

Hitchcock points out that, “many people find the idea of a rapture, a simultaneous, sudden snatching away of millions of people to heaven without dying, difficult to accept. It just seems too strange and bizarre to be true. After all, they say, nothing like that has ever happened before. But that’s not true. Many are surprised to learn that according to the Bible, there have been at least six rapture events in history:”

In summary:  First, the rapture of Enoch (Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5)–Second, the rapture of Elijah (2 Kings 2:1,11)–Third, the rapture of Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1-3)–Fourth, the rapture of Jesus, through His ascension from earth to heaven. (Revelation 12:5)–Fifth, the rapture of Philip (snatched away, not to heaven, but to another location) (Acts 8:39-40)–Sixth, the rapture of Paul (when he was “caught up” to “Paradise” and then returned to earth.) “When Paul spoke of believers being “caught up” or raptured in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, he knew what he was talking about. He had experienced his own personal rapture. And he couldn’t wait for all believers to experience what he had known.”

Based on what Dr. Hitchcock said above, it is important for you to know that the rapture of the true church is still future and will be sudden, literal and shocking to the world.  Many have spoken about a “secret rapture.” While I believe the rapture will be sudden and unexpected to the world, it will definitely leave much of the world in a state of shock and perplexity at the unexplained disappearance of perhaps millions of people. I believe the graves will be burst open, and many planes and vehicles will crash, and much of the world economies will nearly collapse. Yet, the rise of the Antichrist will occur after the rapture and will bring a temporary feeling of “peace and safety.” But this peace will not last long, as the Great Tribulation begins and the mark of the Beast, 666, is soon revealed along with the Beast himself. (Revelation 13)

Are you ready for the Lord’s sudden return for believers? Or will you be left behind? It is a good day today, through prayer, to trust Jesus Christ as your personal Savior who died for your sins and rose again. Why not pray to receive Him right now? “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become the sons of God, even to those who believe on His name” (John 1:12).

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Jewish Temple to Be Rebuilt

On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem today there is an amazing amount of empty space. The Muslim dome of the rock Building which was built over the place where the temple holy place once stood is not going to be there forever. Some have said the temple will be rebuilt elsewhere, but it can only be built on its ancient location, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Lord Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem and will be the Lord over His newly rebuilt Millenial Temple and Lord over all the earth! In spite of what the false prophets and false political and anti-Israel political and religious leaders say; world events are shaping up both to warn the world and encourage watching believers in Jesus Christ, that the Son of God is returning soon!

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Many Will Come Saying: I am Christ

There are many today that desire to be looked upon as the Savior. I believe many politicians fit this description as well as many pastors. It appears that President Obama had been assuming the role of Savior since he assumed his office as Commander in Chief.  Yet, like others who would be king, he always seeks more power. His latest reach to extend his liberal philosophies and policies now extend to the Supreme Court.

The sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia is fishy to say the least. Many believe there are lingering  questions about his sudden death at a remote southern Texes resort after an active day of hunting.

What an opportunity to make sure to send a message.  The message that all who stand in the way of the next would be world leader’s liberal intentions to “transform” the world’s military leader and chief protector of Israel, America, should give up all resistance! The message is, do not oppose Obama; a man whom many look to as the messiah!

Even if the death of Mr. Scalia was natural, it would have looked much better for Mr Obama to have waited at least twenty-four hours to begin expressing his hopes for an immediate replacement.

His choice will undoubtedly reveal his desire to further his liberal, anti-family and anti-law enforcement, pro-Islamic and anti-Christian agenda in preparation for new world order (Caliphate?).This will be a new order of the coming Antichrist which the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy when He returns to Israel to establish His world Kingdom, with Jerusalem as His capital. (Revelation 13, 19-20)





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Decrypting the Effort to Decrypt the San Bernardino Terrorist’s Phone

With the trends of the times being so full of latter days deception, we should ask: How do we know that the Syed Farook’s phone has not already been opened and decrypted? The highly public effort to get Apple to cooperate with the FBI who say they cannot get into the phone without Apple helping them might well be a ruse.  Why? The answer cannot be known just yet. Yet,  I find it hard to believe THAT THE FBI CANNOT UNLOCK AND DECRYPT THAT PHONE.  We know the general public is gullible.  Most are taking this story, like the one that Justice Scalia simply died of natural causes, at face value.

A possible motive to produce a ruse such as this would be to assure Islamic terrorists that these phones are safe for them to continue to use for planning operations and or for recruiting. Another motive for this could be the government’s effort to control a private company, like Apple, through a government agency such as the FBI.  Obama has already successfully infiltrated the IRS to hinder and even cripple conservative non-profits and, to a great extent, the Justice Department as well, to frustrate law-enforcement as the diligent and dedicated socialist that he is.   Overall, the Obama Admin seems strangely silent on this whole issue.

Typically, for Obama, the less the American people know about the details of Islamic terror in Israel or the U.S., the better. And, reveling the contents of Syed Farook’s cell phone might further imply that Mr. Obama and his hyper-liberal administration are at least somewhat sympathetic for the cause for which Radical Islam wants to destroy America and Israel.  Strong delusion is, no doubt, being promoted in America in these latter days.  Could this be further preparation for the coming Antichrist?  “For he will send them strong delusion that they might believe the lie” (2 Thess. 2) There will be many deceptions in the latter days for the wicked to get and keep unquestioned power.  I believe that the highly publicized effort to prevail upon Apple to open and to decrypt Farook’s phone, which may well already have been opened, and the intrigue associated with it, is possibly one of those latter days deceptions.

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New Hampshire’s Trends for America’s Future


Socialist, Bernie Sanders has soundly beat corrupt and discredited liberal Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party!

The Prospects for repentance in America seem farther off than ever! The people’s desire for a godless Socialist is so great that they have left radical liberal Hillary Clinton in the political “dust.” The demonic spirit of unbelief seeking the rise of a new global leader is gaining strength!

Republican winner, Donald Trump is far from a spiritual giant, although he stands aggressively for several important conservative issues!

True, biblical spiritual leadership is not on the top of America’s list for their desired future! The trends are diverging from true Christian or biblical foundations in many ways. Bible prophecy shows that in the last days the nations will seek a world leader that will promise to bring about the fulfillment of man’s felt needs and fleshy desires.

The Antichrist will do just that, at least for a while as he rises to power, but in the mid-point of the Tribulation, he will claim to be God and will require absolute authority and loyalty!

As Christians we should not seek salvation in any man but only through our God and Savior, Jesus Christ! The true hope for America will be found in believers that are surrendered to the Lord and who pray for righteousness to rule in the Land.
Yes, Christians should vote!
Yet, in reality, if the New Hampshire primary shows anything in terms of future trends for America, I believe it shows that two words will serve to describe it: “communist” and “dictator.” Both of these words describe the underlying philosophies of the, perhaps soon coming, Antichrist.

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Are Gog and Magog on the Move?

Russian war planes are flying over Syria bombing the ISIS cult into oblivion! Reports are that they are also bombing rebel sites as well, but we must remember that these so-called harmless rebels also became members of ISIS.  Obama was running guns out of Libya to them, which is why our people were attacked at Benghazi. Iran, a friend of Russia, as well as to our president, is working behind the scenes, I believe, keeping President Obama from doing too much to ISIS in Iraq because Iran desires this cruel Sunni cult to destabilize Iraq to help Shiite Iran to take it over soon.  Iran’s Shiite leadership is still looking for their 12th Imam, and a final world war to bring in their ideal caliphate. Shiites are competing with Sunni Islam for world domination.  Neither one believes the other is true Islam.   Look for Russia and Iran to move into Iraq as well as Syria to take over land and oil fields which they are taking from the hands of ISIS. The recent attack on Paris has finally awakened France that they need to get into the fight against Islamic terrorism.  France and all of Europe are seeing what decades of God denying Socialist liberalism is getting for them, Islamic rebellion and potential revolution.  They seem to be getting the point, but President Obama is not!  Will Obama succeed in allowing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States and in that way open America to more Islamic terrorism which might come out from among them?   I wonder which side President Obama is really on!  The dangers are mounting, and prophecy is being fulfilled by the day. I believe that unseen, but very active and intelligent demonic powers are orchestrating these events. They all signal the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

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Hillary and Bengasi: The Deception Continues!

The Scriptures are filled with hundreds of prophecies which concern the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the restoration of Israel. From these prophecies we know that anti-Israel forces will rise up in the latter days to hinder and seek to destroy the Nation of Israel. At His second coming, Israel will be Jesus’ capital from which He will rule the earth. Therefore, a large part of Satan’s futile plan is to somehow prevent the return of the Lord to the earth by destroying Israel and setting up his own global kingdom after all the Jews have been destroyed. But, this is a plan that will never be realized!

At Thursday’s all day Senate hearing on Benghazi, Hillary Clinton (pictured at right) continued to obfuscate on the issues surrounding the Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack and the extent of her responsibility. Much is still hidden about this awful incident where Islamic terrorists, in a pre-planned attack, destroyed the consulate at Benghazi and murdered, along with three others, our Ambassador, Chris Stevens. I have written in previous editions of this newsletter that this attack likely arose because the United States was probably involved in transferring weapons from Libya to Syria. This was to help the Syrian Sunni rebels in their fight against Shiite, Iranian, and Russian backed President Bashar al-Assad.Ambassador Stevens was likely in Benghazi to facilitate this process.

Naturally, President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted to distance themselves from this covert reality. Thus the lie about a video causing the attack. Many believe the purpose of this deliberate deception was to help ensure Obama’s re-election, by helping to continue the pre-election narrative that Obama had al-Qaeda on the run, but this was only a small part of the story! They had to cover up the reality of this secret weapons transfer, because it was illegal. Even more, I believe the willful neglect to secure the consulate, in spite of some 600 requests for increased security, was possibly to allow an attack to take place to counter and cancel the weapons transfer activity. I do not believe Hillary Clinton intended nor desired for anyone to lose their lives that fateful night at Benghazi. However, the attack went too far, and Ambassador Stevens, and three other innocent men were killed. What came out yesterday adds support to this analysis, or at least, to reveal the likelihood of a cover up that is wider, and more sinister than even the Republican prosecutors may realize. This cover up might have underlying anti-Semitic and anti-Israel motivations. Further, some believe the mislabeling and subsequent cover up of the Benghazi Islamic terror attack, actually over time, influenced the rise of ISIS in Syria.

In actual fact, if we helped to oust Syrian President Assad, then this would work against Iran’s interests in that country. Remember that the Mr. Obama was seeking a deal with Iran over the last few years. Helping to get weapons to Assad’s enemies from Libya would not please Iran, nor, for that matter, Russia. Getting the weapons to the Syrian rebels from Libya would, however, please a certain segment in America who support Obama and who support Assad’s overthrow. To allow the weapons flow to be stopped by an attack, covered up as a mere protest because of a video in the United States, is a perfect arrangement for a President who wants to be re-elected; who wants to look like he is trying to help the poor rebels in Syria, but who does not want to hinder nor insult the Iranians who are trying to secure a stronghold in Syria with the Russians for a likely future attack on Israel. President Obama and his administration, along with the United Nations, have been working against Israel in every possible way. Is the Benghazi incident and cover up connected to a master plan for Israel’s destruction? Are they actually facilitating a further aligning of Communism, through Russia, along with Islam, especially Shiite-Islam, for a future assault on Israel?

Our present and obvious likelihood today is that Russia, Iran, and Syrian President Assad are seeking to strengthen their position in Syria, which is just north of Israel, as part of a master plan to eventually attack Israel. (Ezekiel 38) I believe the Benghazi incident and cover-up are like pieces that Satan is moving on a chess board of world events to line up nations for a future attack on Israel. The ongoing battle to get to the truth of what happened in Benghazi is a small but important skirmish that is serving to distract the world from the master plan of Satan, which is the complete subjugation of Israel and its eventual annihilation.  This is why Bible prophecy is so important to understand what God is doing.

But for those who reject or belittle Bible prophecy, they will not clearly discern God’s activity. They will tend to substitute their own understanding and teaching for that of the Holy Spirit. Daniel was told concerning the latter days: “but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:10b).

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