Did Malaysian Flight 370 Land in Iran?

Most reports now are supporting the likelihood that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was actually pirated away either by one or both pilots or by others who gained access to the cockpit. The Boeing 777 airliner is a very large, powerful and long distance jet that can fly for up to 7,000 miles.

Some believe that as the plane was flown up to 45,000 feet, above its designed ceiling of about 42,000 feet, there is a likelihood that the cabin could have been depressurized in order to render the passengers unconscious or even to kill them outright. Horrible thought!

It is well within range for this aircraft to have been taken to Iran.  Iran has plenty of coastal area to its south along the northern Arabian sea, the Gulf of Oman. It is not a stretch to conjecture about a highly secretive and well planned Iranian exploit that would involve the commandeering of a heavy lift and long-range aircraft, which could easily slip into Iranian air space with all radars turned off and other radar detection in the Arabian Sea and even into the Gulf of Oman, systematically evaded.

Landing anywhere in southern Iran on an exposed runway with a large hanger, or a landing strip especially designed with an underground hanger would not be beyond reason. The Iranians are very adept at designing and covertly constructing elaborate underground complexes.

The maps of the region show how relatively simple it would be to fly from there to northern Iran and to cross through northern Iraq into Syria, also, as is Iran, a Shiite led stronghold.  Syria is under the murderous president, and Russian ally, Assad. Thus, freely flying through to southern Syria into Northern Israel, this aircraft, fitted with some type of high explosives or even an Iranian prototype nuclear weapon, could deliver great destruction to that tiny Jewish nation.

We should keep our eyes on both Iran and Russia. As things develop in Russia’s unfolding occupation of the Crimea and eastern Ukraine,  an attack on Israel could well be in the planning.  I do not believe the timing of Russia’s invasion of Crimea and Ukraine and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 are merely coincidental.  Ezekiel 38 and 39 is clear as to how future Russia, along with many Islamic nations, especially Iran, will move from the north down into Israel while the western nations, likely, the United States and Great Britain, as well as other European countries, stand by and simply watch!

While we do not know what will unfold in the days ahead, we are encouraged by the Bible to “Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.” (Mark 13:33) This refers to the time of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He predicted through the entire Word of the Old Testament Scriptures as well as through the writers of the New Testament of the days of threatening and uncertainty that would develop as the days just prior to the Lord’s return would unfold.

Therefore, these days should not take us by surprise but bring us to pray all the more fervently for those who are hurt, used and abused by such things as airliner hijackings, bombings, terrorism, persecution, crises and confusion.  Jesus was very clear that such things would mark the times of the end.  We are certainly seeing such times today!  This is why He said for people to trust in Him as their Savior for the forgiveness of their sins by receiving Him as personal Savior! (John 1:11-13; 3:16)  Jesus Christ knows the entire future!  It is predicted in the pages of the Bible!  Today you can trust in Jesus Christ, and watch for Him because He is coming back soon!

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1 Response to Did Malaysian Flight 370 Land in Iran?

  1. davidf95
    Thanks for your comment! Just a theory because of Iran’s expressed hatred and desire for Israel’s destruction and the possibility of some cooperation between them and Russia in a general sense because of a common interest in securing the wealth and land of Israel. I believe Russia is on the move to this end even now with its intrusion into Crimea and Ukraine. I do not think Russia plotted this, about the plane, however, but is probably aware the plane is there (if it is there at all!)
    Thanks again!

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