If Wreckage Not Found, May Be Years To Know Whereabouts of Malaysian Flt 370

If Iran, or some obscure landing strip under Iran’s auspices is where Malaysia Flight 37o ended up, it may be some time before the world will know. Perhaps it is better news for the passengers if we do not know because we can continue to hold out hope that they are still alive. Also, we should not forget that Iran is well-practiced on keeping hostages over long periods of time as we saw in the Iran hostage crises back in 1979.

All of these recent events could well be in preparation for an attack on Israel, and even on the United States!

This is, of course, very speculative, and there is no shortage of guessing on different aspects of this missing airliner. But, again, the longer that there is no wreckage discovered, the more I hold out hope that the plane landed with all passengers somehow still alive, and prayerfully, being well treated! But this pushes Iran to the top of my suspect list still more.

I suggested yesterday that the lead pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was an avid supporter of a Malaysian Muslim radical and political opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.  Ibrahim is associated with the Muslim brotherhood.  He has caused no end of problems for the established Malaysian government.  He is apparently a charismatic personality and has a growing following.

According to my research, when the Malaysian government wanted to cut off gasoline shipments to Iran because of that Shiite regime’s development of nuclear weapons technology, Ibrahim denounced this effort as hypocritical because it would not also address what he thought to be the problem of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons.  This, I believe, more than intimates Mr. Ibrahim’s support for Iran.  Since Malaysia is majority Sunni Muslim with restrictions in federal law toward the growth of the minority Shiite form of Islam, Mr. Ibrahim, for this and other reasons, is viewed as more than a serious problem to the established government of Malaysia.  Ibrahim also visited the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in the 1970’s.  This was just prior to the Islamic revolution that ousted the Shah of Iran and ushered Khomeini into power. Many remember how our Embassy in Iran was taken over in 1979 and 52 American hostages (a total of 90 hostages overall) were taken captive and held for 444 days.

But returning to the subject of Anwar Ibrahim:  Mr. Ibrahim was on his final day of trial in Malaysia the same day Flight 370 took off.  Captain Shah, an avid devotee of Mr. Ibrahim attended his trial, saw him declared guilty of the no doubt politically motivated charges of homosexuality, and jailed.  All of this just seven hours before Captain Shah boarded his flight.

While there is no end to the guessing of many experts, there is only one reality!  While the pilot or others could have simply caused the airliner to crash,  I believe if no wreckage is discovered the probabilities grow that the airliner was deliberately landed somewhere.  If so, this landing came after a reported eight hours of flying time, apparently much of which was at a very low terrain hugging level to possibly avoid radar detection.  Again, I believe, that the longer  no wreckage is found the greater the possibly that Malaysia Flight 370 landed, if so, it will likely be a long time, before the world finds out!  Meanwhile, do not take your eyes off of Russia!

All of this is surly a distraction from Russia.  Could it be possible that this missing Flight 370’s timing was planned to give the world something with which to occupy its attention while Russia gains a stronghold in Crimea and Ukraine?  And aren’t we being distracted from the atrocities continuing in Syria under the wicked dictatorship of Assad?  All of this, I believe is part of Satan’s preparation for an attack on Israel as predicted in the Bible (Ezekiel 38-39, Psalm 83)

There is a definite rise in supernatural evil in the world as clearly predicted in the Bible.  Demonic, spiritual darkness is generally enveloping the world at this time through the simultaneous occurrence of these violent, traumatic and mysterious events.  The rapture of the Church may well be soon at hand!

But, for born-again Christians who have trusted in Jesus Christ as their crucified and resurrected Savior, things are shaping up just as He predicted.  In Luke 21:10-11: “Then said he unto them, ‘Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:  And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.'”  Meanwhile, rejoice, pray, witness and watch, for the Lord is coming soon!

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