Many Are Seeking Four Blood Moons; Watch for Jesus Christ!

Many books are flying off the shelves in book stores these days on the subject of the signs of the Four Blood Moons.  But there are some things that watchful Christians should realize about this popular teaching.  Realize, first, that most of the world will not be able to see these red moons when they occur.  So it is hard to call them genuine signs!  These blood moons are interesting though!  But, as an informed believer, be cautious about what is being taught concerning this and be sure to prove all things by the Word of God!   I do believe that there will be indications from the heavens that are significant for us to notice as possible indicators that we are in the specific times that are leading up to the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. But I do not think that the “Four Blood Moons” teaching itself is entirely sound!

From the stand point of clear and plain biblical interpretation of prophecy, the Bible shows that the moon turning to blood signaling the coming of the Lord will occur in a way that all the world will be able to see it, and that it will happen in the closing days of the Great Tribulation Period!  Joel 2:31 says: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”   Revelation 6:12 says:  “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.” 

Interestingly, the Bible does not say that there will be four blood moons, in the latter days. The above two references (two of five) that are used by leading proponents of the “Four Blood Moon” teachings cannot refer to the years 2014-2015, as has been advertised, because, as prophecy scholar, Mark Hitchcock explains:

“…we are not in the Tribulation yet. Connecting the blood moons in 2014-2015 to Revelation 6 (or to Joel 2:28-32) would require us to already be in the seven-year Tribulation of the end times, which we are not…(Further) notice the full content of Revelation 6:12-14.  The moon becoming like blood is just one of six cosmic signs that will occur.  The other five are:  A great earthquake; The sun becoming as sackcloth made of hair; The stars of the sky falling to the earth (It will appear from humanity’s perspective that the stars are falling.  This probably refers at the very least to extremely large meteor showers.  From the vantage point of earth, heavenly bodies will look like they are dropping like figs from a tree.); The sky splitting apart like a scroll; The mountains and islands moving.” (Blood Moons Rising, Mark Hitchcock, pp.123-124 [This is a book I highly recommend on this subject!])

Mark Hitchcock, who I believe is refreshingly trustworthy on this issue, further states:

“What the Bible does not say about the four blood moons is critical.  The silence is very significant when it comes to assigning meaning to this phenomenon.  Building a view that contends something major is about to change in our world on something the Bible never actually predicts is shaky at best and irresponsible speculation at worst.

“Let me reiterate that I do believe in signs of the end times.  I believe there are legitimate signs today that point toward the coming of Christ, and I have no personal ax to grind against the blood moons prophecy or it proponents.  Nevertheless, I think a fair, contextual reading of the five biblical passages used to support this view shows its sizable shortcomings.” (Hitchcock, p. 125)

It is important to “prove all things, hold fast that which is good!” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).  There are plenty of indications that we are certainly in the last days!  But the Word of God does not command Christians to watch for signs that man sets forth, but those which the Word of God sets forth.  Any way, as the Bride of Christ, the Church is not commanded to watch for signs as such, but to watch for the Savior, our coming Bride Groom, Jesus Christ!  He will return at any moment to rapture His Church to heaven.  Then the Great Tribulation will begin and last for a period of seven years.  There will be astrologically predicted blood moons, because they happen every once in a while.  But, be careful about those who are sensationalizing them, or other astrological occurrences, as though they were specifically prophesied in the Word of God!

I believe there are amazing events happening now that show that the nations, the heavens and the earth are preparing for the end times scenario to unfold.  And we need to continue watching Israel, the growing Church Apostasy and the formation of end times, Satanic Global Government.  But always remember that the Great Tribulation cannot begin as long as the Bride of Christ, the Church, is still on the earth! (2 Thessalonians 2) Watch for Jesus Christ Himself Who will suddenly come to rapture us to heaven. And be sure to tell the world:  “Be ready!  Jesus is coming to take us to be with Him!”  Encourage them to trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!  Jesus commanded us with these words:  “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch!” (Mark 13:37)




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1 Response to Many Are Seeking Four Blood Moons; Watch for Jesus Christ!

  1. Andy Brown says:

    Very well said. Acts 1:6-8 keeps going through my mind. We know He’s coming and soon. We don’t need a blood moon to tell us that. We have His Word. What are we to do? Make disciples!

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