President Obama: The Man Who Would Be King?

An 1888 novel by Rudyard Kipling tells the ironic story of two con-men who conned a small town in India/Afghanistan into believing that they were gods.  The story predictably ends in tragedy, however, when their true identity is finally revealed.  This story, which was a parody about eighteenth century England in India has remarkable similarities to the story of the sudden rise and acceptance of an unknown present day, as some would say, “messianic figure,” named Barak Hussein Obama.  Over time, however, the thin veneer of “godlikeness” has been stripped away to expose a mere fallible man.  Indeed, not a man who should be prayed to, but one, as with all fallible men, to be prayed for!

Recently, the news has been overwhelmingly focused on President Obama’s decision to trade a suspected deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, held for five years by the Afghan Taliban, for five very dangerous Afghan Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo prison.  As Obama spoke during a news conference at the G7 summit in Brussels on Thursday (June 5) he stated to reporters there that he makes ‘no apologies’ for the swap.  Soldiers who served with Bergdahl state unequivocally that he was a deserter.  There is growing evidence that Bergdahl actually joined the Taliban and became a Muslim.

The President’s decision has brought a virtual firestorm of controversy!  Soldiers who served with Private Bergdahl have not only affirmed that he was a deserter but they have good reasons to believe that at least six soldiers have died in the many efforts to find him.

In perhaps one of the most brazen acts of disregard for the security of the United States and completely without any communication with Congress, Mr. Obama made the decision to release these five high level Taliban Islamic terrorists who are responsible for thousands of deaths. While the Republicans are certainly and predictably upset over the whole deal, many Democrats are also uncomfortable with yet another scandalous decision by the President.  After the many scandals that have plagued our country because of Mr. Obama’s administration, many on both sides of the aisle are at a loss as to what he is actually trying to do.

Almost certainly, these five Taliban leaders, who have already killed thousands, will begin soon to plot attacks against America and Israel.  While many soft-pedal politically-correct theories and excuses as to what is on the mind of President Obama when he makes decisions such as these, I believe prophecy students need to seriously consider whether he is perhaps preparing for global leadership after he leaves the Whitehouse in two years.

Much of what Mr. Obama has done has indicated to many who are discerning about such matters, that he is sympathetic to Islam.  I personally believe that Mr. Obama has given much evidence that he may in fact be a Muslim!  I further believe that he views himself as a “messianic figure” who has arrived on the world scene in the nick-of-time to straighten out America’s bloated sense of self and to help establish an inevitable New World Order.

I know that most Christian leaders seem to state that they take Mr. Obama at his word that he is a Christian.  I have determined however, that as history has shown, there is very little that we can take Mr. Obama for at his word.  I believe that Mr. Obama is highly sympathetic to and affectionate toward Islam.  This swap of Bowe Bergdahl for these five top Taliban leaders and Islamic terror strategists, along with the antics of Bowe’s father who oddly gave praise to Allah in the Whitehouse Rose Garden next to a smiling Obama, speak volumes about Mr. Obama’s convictions and ultimate purpose.  I believe his purpose is to position himself in the eyes of the Muslim world to be deemed a potential leader in a future global Caliphate.

Taking over nations for “Allah” to eventually achieve global supremacy and ownership is the goal of Islam.  We would be completely and willfully naive to exclude this reality from our consideration of what President Obama is up to in making decisions such as this.  This action actually continues in a practical way the watering down of American resolve to fight for freedom against Islamic Terrorism.  This American resolve, which is based upon a Judeo-Christian understanding of freedom, has been systematically deconstructed through deliberate actions such as the “Apology Tour,” “Fast and Furious,” “The IRS Scandal,”  “Obama Care,” (remember, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?”), the “VA Scandal”  “Benghazi,” etc.  Observed objectively from a pro-Islamic point of view, these could indicate, especially in view of the release of the Taliban “Fab Five,” that Obama is preparing for the kind of future that he may believe will inevitably come:  A global government, which one might even call a Caliphate.   Could Mr. Obama actually be:  “The Man Who Would be King?”

These present day events are very sobering for the student of prophecy who has perhaps gotten a little battle-weary in waiting and watching for the Lord’s return.  Yet, the Word of God is just as fresh and new as the days in which it was written for us.  The bad news of the days we are living in are actually predicted signals that our waiting and watching for the Lord is not in vain!  The appearance of men who are suddenly accepted as national and global deliverers are foretold for the last days!  We see them in cults, in the Church, and especially in America today!  I believe the unclean spirits that will accompany the sudden arising of the future Antichrist are increasingly coming upon the world in these days in which we live. (1 Timothy 4:1, 2 Thessalonians 2:7)

The Rapture of the Church might well happen before Obama’s term of office is over.  Joyfully, Bible prophecy does not allow for any future Islamic Caliphate.  The future Antichrist will not be Muslim.  Prophecy predicts an almost total destruction of Islam along with the destruction of the power of Russia as a global concern at the time of the War of Gog and Magog.  This is all  predicted in Ezekiel 38-39 and Psalm 83.   God purposes to annihilate any nation or religion that tries to destroy Israel and that opposes Jesus Christ, His true Church and His Gospel.  Wonderfully, however, the Bible indicates that there will be an amazing openness and acceptance of the Lord by many of the presently Islamic nations.  Thousands in Islam are already coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but this is nothing compared to the millions that will trust in Him as the Son of God during the Great Tribulation period.  I have reason to believe that those who will be most receptive to the preaching of the gospel by the 144,000 sealed Jews in the Tribulation Period (Revelation 7) will be from among the formally Muslim millions who will be left after the rapture and who will have never heard the Gospel in this dispensation.  With the radical elements of Islam decimated because of their defeat at the  battle of Gog and Magog, millions of former Muslims having seen the power of God to deliver Israel from attack, will come to faith in Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 19:19-25; 21:13-17; 29:17-21; Jeremiah 49:34-39; Isaiah 19:23-25; Isaiah 60:5-7)

Further, even today, all political leaders who collaborate with evil anti-Semitic powers are set for God’s judgment.  (Psalm 2)  The Antichrist will be just such a leader.  He will arise to world domination after the Rapture and after the Battle of Gog and Magog, after the destruction of Russia and Islam, and will assert himself as the world’s leader for seven years. Ultimately he will seek to destroy Israel, but he will fail and the Lord Jesus Christ will return to the earth with His Church and will judge the nations and rule as the earth’s true King from Jerusalem for a thousand years! (Ezekiel 39-39; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Matthew 24:1-15; Revelation 13) Have you trusted in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  And if you have, are you obeying Him, witnessing for Him and watching for His coming?


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