Threatened People of Ancient Nineveh, Modern Destruction by ISIS is Looming

Several minorities living in the area of the ancient land of Nineveh are now being threatened by the ISIS Islamic radicals which have swept into Iraq from Syria like a swarm of Old Testament locusts! These minorities now in need of food and rescue are made up of Christians, Zoroastrians, Sunni and Shiite Muslims, all desperately calling for some nation to come and help them. Some 40,000 of them are hold up on Mount Sinjar

ISIS has already destroyed Jonah’s Tomb, as well as many other ancient monuments, buildings and churches. They have murdered thousands of Iraqis! The demonic spirit of the Nazis is very much alive and active in this wicked group. They have also taken over a dam in Mosel from where ISIS is able to flood millions in Bagdad if they choose to. I believe that this group represents the growing evil that the world can expect to see as Islam advances un-challenged by once great powers like the United States, Great Britain and others.  In these latter days foretold by the ancient biblical prophets, the wicked grow more bold to do evil and the good grow more fearful to stand against the wicked!

Will America intervene and help these poor people on the brink of destruction? It is absolutely astounding that President Obama has done nothing thus far. What an opportunity for a world leader to demonstrate resolve.  Will the president stand up against this obvious evil in Iraq as well as offer help to people who are crying out to the world as they are about to be slaughtered if they do not convert to Islam? Could it be that Mr Obama has a difficult time standing opposed to Islam! Is it difficult for him even if it takes such an evil form as ISIS, even to protect other Muslims from senseless destruction?

In the book of Jonah, when the people of Nineveh cried out in a humble and desperate appeal to God, He heard them. It looks like we need to call out to God in their behalf again today, for God, once again to supernaturally intervene. God does not care about political ramifications for political parties like Mr. Obama plainly does. Be sure that if God calls us to help and we turn a deaf ear, the Lord of the earth will not forget. It is not just the People of modern Nineveh who might be destroyed by our disregard for their cries, but America as well. As ISIS is transforming Iraq, we are undergoing a transformation of our own in America. While the people of Nineveh cry out, America needs to realize that we need to call out to God as well!   The same satanic power energizing ISIS to destroy Iraq and Nineveh, is also using other means to achieve the destruction of America.  How long, if our leadership stays un-convicted and passive in the face of rising evil, will it take before the churches and synagogues in America are burning too?

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