Notes on Armageddon

The culmination of what will happen in the tribulation period will be a final battle called Armageddon. ***This battle will have participants from every nation on earth. All the nations will be gathered with the purpose to finally destroy Israel and to rid the earth of the Jew. ***Many current events will direct humanity to such a time when many millions, perhaps 200,000,000 or even more will be prepared to meet in the valley of Megiddo to put an end to current world history and to establish the world’s man of sin, the Antichrist as their one and only messiah and god. ***Armageddon will happen at the end of the 7 year tribulation period and it will involve the development over that time of the United Nations of Europe, or, the king of the East (Daniel 11:36-37). Again, this king will be the ruler of the “Federated States of Europe.”

Today, many prophetic truths seem to be taking shape and heading towards fulfillment. ***The eventual conflict of Armageddon will, to repeat, involve all nations of the earth which will be gathered in the valley of Megiddo to destroy Israel. This must be repeated in prophecy teaching to get across the point that, and we should always assume this reality, that whatever Russia is doing to gain power, they (Putin) does so because Russia has Israel in their sights. The same with China and the “Kings of the East.”***The devil, through demons, are stirring Putin, at this time, to conquer Ukraine to get better and more strategic position for eventual movement toward Israel. With us this also comes the necessary coming together of the nations of Europe to defend against Russia, this helps bring to fulfillment the formation of the Federated States of Europe, which may well become Rome re-formed and revived in the latter days. ***Putin will gain power along the way, like a snowball rolling down a hill, gaining speed and mass, unless stopped. It is doubtful that America has the ability to stop him at this time. ***The present leadership in America is a disaster! America is under a dark cloud and judgment looms, if not already begun against this nation and many others. ***America is responsible for killing millions of babies in the womb which are hundreds of thousands of whites, blacks, Arabs, Asians and Jews. Another Jewish holocaust!! The killing of the innocent will not be tolerated by God. He remembers each one and has welcomed them into his heaven. Their blood cries out from the ground.

***In America, what was before considered perversion morally is now declared normal. Now, whoever calls out moral perversion for what it is, is now considered to be the pervert: Homophobic, Transphobic, a hater, etc. ***America is basically anti-God and anti-Bible! Who can reasonably deny this? ***America has now the weakest churches, weakest leaders and weakest citizens in its history. ***Repentance and Revival is America’s only hope, because Jesus Christ is America’s only hope! Like Nineveh, our nation can be given a reprieve to become useful for the protection of Israel again, and also protective of the innocent unborn.

Yet, to a great extent, because most Christians today are spiritually weak in their convictions, they are not being “salt and light,” so, the march toward Armageddon continues, and all nations, even America, will one day be gathered in that valley of Megiddo against Israel.

Armageddon is the devil’s plan so as to establish, finally, a New World Order without God. This will end in the Second Coming of Jesus to the Earth, Who will return with His church and his Angels from the sky. He will return to Israel and will stand again on the Mount of Olives from where He had ascended.

***Daniel and Revelation speak of 4 great coalitions of nations (Dan 11&16:12) in the last days: First, the king of the West, which is Europe. Second, the king of the North, which is Russia and Arab allies. Third, the king of the south, which is Egypt. And, Fourth, the kings of the East, probably led by China. These involve the nations that are from beyond the Euphrates.

***This gives us some idea of what we may be seeing today with Russia and China’s activities. At this time “God is setting the stage for His great drama. He is getting the actors in place so He can move at a moment’s notice to fulfill his plan. Coming events are casting their shadows ahead of them.” (Pentecost, Prophecy for Today, p. 69)

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