Four Important Things for Students of Prophecy

I believe that it is paramount as believers that we do four vital things in these latter days:

1.  Pray – There is a great deal of spiritual warfare today as Satan is mounting great resistance to the truth of both the Cross and the Coming of the Lord.  We need to be in fervent prayer for the Lord to grant courage, patience and wisdom for ourselves and for fellow believers who are suffering trials in His name.

2. Study – We need to be daily in the Word, reading, meditating upon and learning the ways of the Lord, that we might grow in our relationship with Him and our trust in Him.

3. Witness – Many will be left behind at the coming of the Lord for His church.  We should share Christ and encourage the lost to think seriously about eternity, and present them with the truths of the gospel.

4. Watch – We need to live a watchful lifestyle by expressing our faith in the imminent return of the Lord by how we live and how we speak.

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