The Spiritual Realities We Must Face In The Latter Days

There are growing numbers of preachers in the Church today who do not want to face the doctrinal realities of God’s Word and relate them to their people.  There is a growing fear to do so.  Many books have come out in recent years that practically ignore the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and they are being soaked up by many pastors who just do not want to tell the truth to their congregations.  They seem to want popularity with men more than approval with God. It is time to get back to the verse by verse preaching of the infallible Word to a lost and starving world as well as to an anemic church!  It is time for preachers, pastors, believers and the Church to get under the absolute authority of Jesus Christ!

Another reality that is not being faced honestly by the Church in general is the reality of the spiritual powers of darkness that are prophesied to flood the world in the last days.  We seem to want to find some psychological or economic or emotional solutions to what are actually spiritual problems.  Satan is real and he is busy through his demons setting up strongholds in people’s lives. 

The Holy Spirit warned believers of “seducing spirits” which will arise in the “latter
 These spirits will lie and affect people in such a way as to cause them to have their
“conscience seared with a hot iron.” (1 Timothy4:1-2)  Today, in a world that is going on without God, people are becoming more susceptible to these seducing spirits. These spirits use violence, shock and trauma, and sin to gain a foothold and then a stronghold.   Through the power of “the god of this world (Satan, they)…blind the minds of them which believe not.” (2 Corinthians 3:5)  The more depraved the mind, the more the enemy can control the mind.

A part of the demonic mind control and manipulation today is the constant attempt by the liberal news media to make Christianity and Christ seem to be evil.  An example of this is seen where some of the media have called Norways’ Andas Breivik a fundamentalist Christian.  This, of course, is meant to bash Christians.  Pulpits today should resound with sound Biblical teaching relating the Word of God to these important world events and the slander which many are unjustifyably bringing against Christians and the Church.

While, as I have said, it may appear at firstglance, that some of Breivik’s views vaguely resemble the conservative viewpoint, remember that we must “prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)  The prophecies about the demonic teachers and philosophers of the latter days tell us that these people cannot be believed because they will be “speaking lies in hypocrisy.” (1 Timothy 4:2)  We should keep this in mind when evaluating candidates for public office as well as for Christian leaders and preachers. The Bible tells us that Satan even “transforms himself into an angel of light.” (1 Corinthians 11:14) He can give any kind of political speech which will promote either “left” or “right wing”  leanings. He can sound balanced, or he can sound extreme, depending on what he is trying to accomplish.   Remember, the devil is a deceiver!  His demons are deceiving spirits (1 Timothy 4:1). This is all the more reason for us to get to know our Mighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ through the Scriptures and to live daily for Him both in truth and in Spirit filled integrity!

What do you think?

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