Is Flight 370 Where Malaysia Wants It To Be?

Before reports came in as to exactly what kind of debris was going to be picked up in the South Indian Sea, the Malaysian Prime Minister suddenly appeared to announce that there was no doubt that Flight 370 crashed there and all were dead. From his report of this grievous news for the families, the Prime Minister somewhat haltingly described a new kind of never-before used type of satellite analysis which brought them to the apparently incontestable conclusion that the airliner has crashed into the South Indian Sea.  After all of the emphasis on finding and examining the yet-to-be-fished-from-the-sea debris, it seemed to me that the Malaysian government was anxious to preempt this by delivering the hard news of their absolute certainty of the fate of Flight 370.

We need to see what further evidence shows, because there are many reasons to distrust the Malaysian government about this whole situation.  What an embarrassment it would be for them to have to wait for reports to come in about possible inconclusive results of the examination of the debris obtain by foreign countries.  They would not be able to live down the loss of face to many in their country who already suspect their leaders have shown incompetency during this entire ordeal.   It would be an even greater embarrassment to see further evidence that the aircraft was indeed taken north into Pakistan or Iran, or some other location and landed.

There is much political unrest in Malaysia. It stands to reason that this scenario is likely to bring the least embarrassment to the government there. The least disturbing scenario to Malaysia would be if the plane simply was deliberately crashed by a couple of crazed pilots who happened to support the very troublesome political opposition leaders in Malaysia.  They have drawn their conclusions! Case closed!  Only, the case is long from being closed!  And, on top of this, I think that this report is much more pleasing to the Obama administration which craftily won re-election on the false premise that Al-Qaeda is on the run and Islamic terrorism has been stopped during his watch.

Now the families of Flight 370 are more grief-stricken than they would have needed to have been had the Malaysian government simply not tried to beat everyone else to the punch, and allow the search for debris and the initial examination of that debris to play out.  This would certainly have cushioned the bad news more than this rushed,  ill-advised, if not entirely inaccurate, face-saving measure.  I, for one, am still holding out for a different conclusion in this matter, one that is not hurried, not politically motivated, and most of all a conclusion that is accurate! 

In these days when we can anticipate the soon return of Jesus Christ, we can take heart that God can reveal all that is questionable and entirely wrong about how the Malaysian government has mishandled the investigation and reporting of missing Flight 370.  Of course governments seek to gain and maintain power, but often this is done in wrong ways.  This is why the Bible tells us that we are to obey government and pray for those who are in leadership. (Romans 13:1-7)  We may be sure that God will hold those in government accountable for their actions.  In these latter times, the Bible predicts that men and women who make up governments “will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13), so we will need to stay prayerful and watchful as these End-Time days continue to unfold.


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