China is Investigating; Russia is Invading – What’s Next?

Recent reports state that China is demanding that the Malaysian Government hand over the satellite information they used to come to the abrupt conclusion that Flight 370 went into the South Indian Ocean and crashed with all lives lost. Chinese family members are very upset, understandably so, that the Prime Minister drew his conclusions with no corroborating evidence, such as recovered parts from the plane. Many do not accept that their loved ones are actually dead. Malaysia has completely mishandled this whole situation and it will be very interesting to see if the Chinese glean the same conclusions from this satellite information. I have my distinct doubts that they will place as heavy a weight of confidence on this evidence as the Malaysians have. I anticipate that they will demand much more proof that the loved ones of their citizens are really deceased. They will not hesitate to continue to search for them at any rate. The Malaysians however seem ready to put this whole matter behind them. But it wont’ be so easy! And it shouldn’t be! Much more investigation is needed!

Meanwhile, Russia has captured the last Ukrainian ship in their naval arsenal. This is virtually the final step in Russia’s conquest of the Crimea.  The Putin Empire continues to grow with thousands of troops poised to invade the rest of Ukraine as soon as the order is given.  As usual, the leadership of the United States seems to be at a complete loss as to how to effectively respond to Putin.

Amazingly, the Prophet Ezekiel predicts that in the latter days there will be just such an expansion and conquest of many nations by Russia with the ultimate goal of invading Israel.  Ezekiel writes that some of the nations that will be included in Russia’s invading army will be the land of the Crimea, Eastern Turkey and possibly even Germany.  These are the nations that are referred to in Ezekiel 38:6 as “Gomer with all its troops…”  Also mentioned is “Beth-togarmah,” which is the part of Turkey near the Syrian border. Additional nations that will ally with Russia in their future campaign against the Holy Land and the Jews are listed as “Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (Southern Sudan), and Put (Libia)”  These are Muslim countries.

Several sideline nations are spoken of as “Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all its villages. These probably represent the far away merchant lands and economies such as the United States, Great Britain and some nations of Europe.  According to Ezekiel, these countries will not try to stop Russia by force, but will only question Russia’s motives probably through diplomatic means!  They will ask Russia and her Islamic allies if they are invading Israel in order to seek plunder…silver and gold…cattle and goods (land and commodities of great value)…to capture great spoil? (Ezekiel 38:13)  These nations will not have the resolve to help Israel. 

Today, we are seeing something that looks eerily similar to this prophetic scenario as the G8 meeting at the Hague finds the member nations, including the U.S.  excluding Russia, at least temporally, from their club (thus, as of March 24, returning to the designation, G7) But Putin is un-impressed!   Nor is he moved to pull back from his determined forward movement toward re-building  Russia again into superpower status.

None of these events today are isolated nor merely coincidental, but all are an integral and strategic part of what God is doing prophetically in the world today.  What’s next?  God’s desire is for all to know His Son as personal Savior, who died and rose again, and to fully trust in Him for everlasting life.  Therefore we do not need to be confused in today’s world with all of its rebellion, conflict, mysteries and tragedies.  God has great and eternal plans for this world, and for you!  And you can hope in Him as you, by faith, look forward to the appearing of Jesus Christ at any moment! He is coming again! (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)



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