Is The Search for Malaysia Flight 370 in the South Indian Ocean a Decoy?

It is amazing to me how long it has been since the initial spotting of debris in the South Indian Ocean and the long delay that something, anything, has actually been picked up.  While many are making a sincere effort in finding this plane, still it looks like there may be some subtle stalling going on.

Just recently the potential crash site had been moved further to the North East and a bit closer to the Australian main land. The weather delays and inability to actually locate debris spotted by satellite and by over flying aircraft continues. Interestingly, the highly efficient Global Hawk and other like unmanned drones which could linger much longer in the areas in question have not been used, at least to our knowledge. Some have wondered if they have been prioritized to the “Northern Sector” to search for, still possible, landing sites in Pakistan, or Iran.

Of course I do not believe we are hearing all the information there is to know.  U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, has at least implied that they are still actively investigating the possibility that the airliner may be somewhere else other than the South Indian Ocean.

We all would like to see a resolution to this whole question of what happened to Flight 370 and to the passengers and crew. Did the airliner crash, as most believe, in the middle of nowhere, namely, the South Indian Ocean?  Or, could there still be a possibility that this aircraft poses a threat by being used in an attack on Israel?

I believe that there is a genuine supernatural element in this mystery. There are not many who want to consider this.  Satan, the great deceiver, evidently influenced the pilot, the crew, or someone to divert this plane and all the souls aboard.   There are many in the world today who are under the sway of powerful demon spiritual forces that are all too real. (Ephesians 6:12) Jesus dealt with these powers all through His ministry.  Their existence and genuine ability to influence and sway the direction of governments, religious movements and individuals to do inexplicable and horrendous things is recorded all through the Old and New Testaments.  We find that the evident strength and presence of these highly organized demonic forces will only increase as world history nears the end of this present age.  (Revelation 6:1-17)

The subsequent events following the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 have also indicated a supernatural aspect.  For weeks we have witnessed this apparent supernatural aspect in the unexpected confusion and inexplicable delays in discovering where this plane ended up and for what reason it was taken in the fist place.

No doubt, the great deceiver, Satan, is at work behind the scenes.  Many that are given over to evil spirits are used by them as mediums to generate mind-control.  This mind-control can come through false teachings.  In this way Satan is able to use people to carry out his occult missions of murder and mayhem. Often, demons are responsible for depression, suicidal thoughts and actions, and the kind of religious zealotry that engenders immoral behavior, violence and conflict. (2 Corinthians 4:4)  This may often explain the deep depression of soldiers who have fought in foreign countries and cultures which harbor strong occultist, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic beliefs and practices.  While this reality is downplayed and even ridiculed by secularists, the fact remains that strong mind-control forces have succeeded in altering the outlook and thinking of many.

Is the present search in the South Indian Ocean a decoy and diversion from where the plane really is?  We will see, but the pattern seems to indicate that there is more here to consider than what is readily apparent.

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