Are Gog and Magog on the Move?

Russian war planes are flying over Syria bombing the ISIS cult into oblivion! Reports are that they are also bombing rebel sites as well, but we must remember that these so-called harmless rebels also became members of ISIS.  Obama was running guns out of Libya to them, which is why our people were attacked at Benghazi. Iran, a friend of Russia, as well as to our president, is working behind the scenes, I believe, keeping President Obama from doing too much to ISIS in Iraq because Iran desires this cruel Sunni cult to destabilize Iraq to help Shiite Iran to take it over soon.  Iran’s Shiite leadership is still looking for their 12th Imam, and a final world war to bring in their ideal caliphate. Shiites are competing with Sunni Islam for world domination.  Neither one believes the other is true Islam.   Look for Russia and Iran to move into Iraq as well as Syria to take over land and oil fields which they are taking from the hands of ISIS. The recent attack on Paris has finally awakened France that they need to get into the fight against Islamic terrorism.  France and all of Europe are seeing what decades of God denying Socialist liberalism is getting for them, Islamic rebellion and potential revolution.  They seem to be getting the point, but President Obama is not!  Will Obama succeed in allowing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States and in that way open America to more Islamic terrorism which might come out from among them?   I wonder which side President Obama is really on!  The dangers are mounting, and prophecy is being fulfilled by the day. I believe that unseen, but very active and intelligent demonic powers are orchestrating these events. They all signal the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

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