New Hampshire’s Trends for America’s Future


Socialist, Bernie Sanders has soundly beat corrupt and discredited liberal Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party!

The Prospects for repentance in America seem farther off than ever! The people’s desire for a godless Socialist is so great that they have left radical liberal Hillary Clinton in the political “dust.” The demonic spirit of unbelief seeking the rise of a new global leader is gaining strength!

Republican winner, Donald Trump is far from a spiritual giant, although he stands aggressively for several important conservative issues!

True, biblical spiritual leadership is not on the top of America’s list for their desired future! The trends are diverging from true Christian or biblical foundations in many ways. Bible prophecy shows that in the last days the nations will seek a world leader that will promise to bring about the fulfillment of man’s felt needs and fleshy desires.

The Antichrist will do just that, at least for a while as he rises to power, but in the mid-point of the Tribulation, he will claim to be God and will require absolute authority and loyalty!

As Christians we should not seek salvation in any man but only through our God and Savior, Jesus Christ! The true hope for America will be found in believers that are surrendered to the Lord and who pray for righteousness to rule in the Land.
Yes, Christians should vote!
Yet, in reality, if the New Hampshire primary shows anything in terms of future trends for America, I believe it shows that two words will serve to describe it: “communist” and “dictator.” Both of these words describe the underlying philosophies of the, perhaps soon coming, Antichrist.

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