The “Strong Delusion” of “Political Correctness” of the Latter Days

Reports about terror bomber, twenty-six year old, Tamerlan Tsarmaev, being under investigation by the FBI in 2010 and their not finding any reason for concern at that time is a real shock. There are some concerns that the extreme “politically correct” guidelines that the FBI and other U.S. investigative departments must follow may be largely to blame. We appreciate the amazing work of our law enforcement agencies. Yet, their hands are being tied to a great extent by radical “political correctness.” It seems that evil is able to slip by in new and amazing ways in these present days of willful blindness in America.

The devil is real and so are his evil forces, the demons. The Bible tells us that, even now, prior to the return of Jesus Christ, “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He (the Holy Spirit) who now restrains will do so until He, is taken out of the way.” (2 Thessalonians 2:7) There will come a time, perhaps very soon, that the Holy Spirit will cease His restraining influence and will be removed, along with the Church, to heaven. Then, evil will be revealed through incredible acts of violence along with great upheavals of governments, Peoples and even of creation. (Matthew 24:1-14)

The Antichrist will arise over the political and religious realms during the seven year Tribulation period. His goal will be to cause every one to take his mark: 666. (Revelation 13:16-18) Many will follow his wicked religion and politics of destruction. He will seek to destroy Israel, the Jews, and any country that supports Israel. This will especially be true, I believe of his efforts to destroy America, who is a strong ally to Israel (stong despite President Obama’s efforts to weaken our ties). America presently has roughly the same number of Jews as citizens as does the State of Israel. Islam is a religion that, as a whole, is committed to America’s and Israel’s destruction. God loves the Moslem as well as the Hindu and Buddhist. We need to show the love of Jesus Christ to them through praying that they will come to saving faith in Christ. Yet many Islamic radicals are seeking to call up terrorist fighters to, through heartless activities, will seek to make war with Israel and America, as well as Great Britain, etc. We saw this with the Boston Bombings, even though our President and others refuse to call this what it is: “Islamic Terrorism.” Christians need to do all they can, through the direction of the Holy Spirit to spread the word of God and the saving truth of the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. There is much darkness in ignorance about the Bible and this is dangerously leading many to follow the deceptions of the Islamic terrorists. Tamerlan Tsarmaev, who died ingloriously at the hands of heroic law enforcement while attempting to blow them up, had told a friend some time before that the Bible was a cheap copy of the Koran. Tsarmaev was wrong by over 500 years! The Bible was written over a period of 1600 years by over 40 different authors from many different places and backgrounds. The Old Testament was completed by about 400 B.C.. The New Testament was written, beginning with the writing of the Gospel of Matthew at around 38 A.D. through Revelation, by the Apostle John at about 100 A.D. Thus the Bible was complete over half a millenium before the Koran was written, sometime after 610 A.D., and before the religion of Islam had its beginning in Arabia.

In these days, we are perhaps witnessing the rise of a “strong delusion,”(2 Thessalonians 2:11) that keeps our leaders preoccupied with “political correctness” more than with reality and truth of the nature of the threat to us. It is too bad that we are more fearful of breaking leftist and liberal policies of “political correctness” than we are of the real threat of Islamic Terrorism. The Antichrist will be an expert at coming up with politically correct policies to get the world under his evil sway. The world will buy into his transformative policies which will include changing how people will think and speak, because the demonic powers will be allowed by God to bring “strong delusion” upon them. “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” (Daniel 7:25) We need to be aware of the “strong delusion” of “political correctness” which is being pushed by so many on the left who seem to have more problems with a strong Israel and a strong Christian presence in America than they do with combating and even using the words: “radical Islamic terrorism.” The closing words of Revelation are more relevant than ever in these latter days when spiritual delusion is growing ever stronger: “Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20)

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