Decrypting the Effort to Decrypt the San Bernardino Terrorist’s Phone

With the trends of the times being so full of latter days deception, we should ask: How do we know that the Syed Farook’s phone has not already been opened and decrypted? The highly public effort to get Apple to cooperate with the FBI who say they cannot get into the phone without Apple helping them might well be a ruse.  Why? The answer cannot be known just yet. Yet,  I find it hard to believe THAT THE FBI CANNOT UNLOCK AND DECRYPT THAT PHONE.  We know the general public is gullible.  Most are taking this story, like the one that Justice Scalia simply died of natural causes, at face value.

A possible motive to produce a ruse such as this would be to assure Islamic terrorists that these phones are safe for them to continue to use for planning operations and or for recruiting. Another motive for this could be the government’s effort to control a private company, like Apple, through a government agency such as the FBI.  Obama has already successfully infiltrated the IRS to hinder and even cripple conservative non-profits and, to a great extent, the Justice Department as well, to frustrate law-enforcement as the diligent and dedicated socialist that he is.   Overall, the Obama Admin seems strangely silent on this whole issue.

Typically, for Obama, the less the American people know about the details of Islamic terror in Israel or the U.S., the better. And, reveling the contents of Syed Farook’s cell phone might further imply that Mr. Obama and his hyper-liberal administration are at least somewhat sympathetic for the cause for which Radical Islam wants to destroy America and Israel.  Strong delusion is, no doubt, being promoted in America in these latter days.  Could this be further preparation for the coming Antichrist?  “For he will send them strong delusion that they might believe the lie” (2 Thess. 2) There will be many deceptions in the latter days for the wicked to get and keep unquestioned power.  I believe that the highly publicized effort to prevail upon Apple to open and to decrypt Farook’s phone, which may well already have been opened, and the intrigue associated with it, is possibly one of those latter days deceptions.

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