Many Will Come Saying: I am Christ

There are many today that desire to be looked upon as the Savior. I believe many politicians fit this description as well as many pastors. It appears that President Obama had been assuming the role of Savior since he assumed his office as Commander in Chief.  Yet, like others who would be king, he always seeks more power. His latest reach to extend his liberal philosophies and policies now extend to the Supreme Court.

The sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia is fishy to say the least. Many believe there are lingering  questions about his sudden death at a remote southern Texes resort after an active day of hunting.

What an opportunity to make sure to send a message.  The message that all who stand in the way of the next would be world leader’s liberal intentions to “transform” the world’s military leader and chief protector of Israel, America, should give up all resistance! The message is, do not oppose Obama; a man whom many look to as the messiah!

Even if the death of Mr. Scalia was natural, it would have looked much better for Mr Obama to have waited at least twenty-four hours to begin expressing his hopes for an immediate replacement.

His choice will undoubtedly reveal his desire to further his liberal, anti-family and anti-law enforcement, pro-Islamic and anti-Christian agenda in preparation for new world order (Caliphate?).This will be a new order of the coming Antichrist which the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy when He returns to Israel to establish His world Kingdom, with Jerusalem as His capital. (Revelation 13, 19-20)





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